What is bitcoin?

- Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system.

- It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the systemworks without a central bank or single administrator

Why billionaires spend on Bitcoin?

- Bitcoin will introduce first Trillionaire to the world

- Bitcoin will grow 600% in 2018

- Bitcoin is cryptocurrency leader

- Future companies choose Bitcoin to grow together. Eg:- Teslaand worldwide energy

Future OF Bitcoin:

- Blockchain and bitcoin will transform future education system

- Bitcoin will be more user friendly than USD

- 1 billion/day transaction only in Japan in 2020

- Bitcoin will be more simpler.

- Multi transactions can be made in a second.

Bitcoin is far way better than gold and USD as a median...

Email created the first Millionaires, internet created the first Billionaires, and BITCOIN will create the first Trillionaire.

Tim Drapers latest favorite value investment is bitcoin. Pioneer investor of Facebook, Skype, Alibaba, and Tesla.

Bitcoin price dropped more than 50%. Why billionaires who bought bitcoin did not sell it after the crisis?

Why world biggest economy evolution product created on major crisis year. Example, Myeg (2008), Hartalega (2008), and so on. Why Bitcoin created at that time?

What is real bottleneck. Bitcoin's target marget still not reach 1%. How much will be its price when it reach 20%- 45% of its target market. It will be happen in 2020.

Bitcoin for Everyone. You might not want to get involved in Bitcoin but that will be the biggest mistake. Everything in the world is going digital, Why will Money not? Example Tesla, Continental AG, and so on. All the future companies are using Bitcoin as its median. BITCOIN IS THE FUTURE OF MONEY.

This is just 0.01% of my knowledge. You can learn more just book your seats and we will guide you on how to earn Bitcoin.

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